"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Front Porch

I love to decorate the front porch into the house!!!  I don't have much room here at our rental home, but my new home will have a nice big covered front porch just waiting to be decorated for the seasons - clap, clap, clap!!!

Obviously this was our winter decorating.  I've always loved lit trees and finally got some for a great price (I was watching the flyers forever!).  I love the lights in this picture but the next one is more clear.

This looked even better after I added a long piece of evergreen greenery (from the dollar store).  It was all intertwined around the bases of everything and hid the ugly bottoms and cords.  And it looked even better when it had a light dusting of real snow on it!!!  The little red snowman scarf tied around my watchdog added a little colour to our bleary winter days.  The snowman was made by me and my Carlee at Shauna's craft classes.  On the back side of it is a scarecrow for autumn decorating.  Another piece has the Easter bunny on one side and a Valentine lady.  Keep reading to see what the third piece looks like . . .

Last Saturday it was definitely time for winter to leave and spring to arrive.  But, again, most of my stuff is packed, so what could I decorate with?  My friend Shirley brought me this adorable orange sign a few weeks ago - it really speaks my language - she knows me well!!!

And I love the Simple Life board because Simplify is my theme word!  On the back side of this board is our nation's flag so I switch to that for all the holidays. Don't fret - I'll put the Easter Bunny board up soon!  My animals came out of hibernation and my baby is enthralled with the cocker spaniel - she squeals and points at it everytime we go in or out!  It needed some greenery but it's too soon for real plants, so, I went into the garage to survey the mound of boxes.  I spotted one on the top at the back of the garage that looked promising.  So I climbed onto the freezer, over the treadmill, onto the piano and was able to reach this box that was indeed filled with fake flowers!!!  Bingo!!!  Pulled out the tulips and whatever the blue things are, and voila - it'll do for now!!!  But then my problem was, how do I make them stand there.  So I scrounged around and found a waterbottle that had a destroyed lid by the end of basketball season - but I didn't need a lid now, did I?  So I stuffed in the flowers, filled it with water so they wouldn't die (haha - for weight so it wouldn't blow over!) and wedged it between the wall and my watchdogs hinder.  And so far the wind has not blown it over!!!

So spring has arrived in two places now - the calendar and my front porch!!!

"If you're not selling chocolate . . . get the heck off my porch!"

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