"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Family Birthday Board

My guy doesn't ask for much in the way of crafts (yeah, a shocker I know!) so when he suggests something, I listen.  He requested that somewhere in the house we have a birthday list so he can see when family members' birthdays are.  I thought that was a fabulous idea!!!

So Kd did a craft class last week and she was doing these magnetic boards as calendars.  I knew that would be the perfect thing to change a little and make into our Family Birthday Board.  I just printed up four pages with three months on each page, to cover the family birthdays for the year.  My guy and I both come from large families and we're adding five more babies to the family in the next few months - the families are growing at alarming rates!!!  And very hard to keep track of (facebook certainly helps though!!!).

It does the job perfectly!!!  I glued magnets on the back of mine so it sticks to the fridge, but you could also hang it with a ribbon.

Start with a piece of metal - it's about 9 x 14. 
It's edges are nicely turned under so it's not sharp.

Then you modge podge the paper onto the metal - both under and over the paper.  And don't worry - the air bubbles disappeared when it was completely dry.  I like to do a cross-hatch pattern in my modge podge - kinda gives it a look of canvas when it dries.

Two little mini clothes pegs are holding on my sign and picture.   And I love that strip of lace going through the middle - adds a nice texture to the board.

The satin ribbon and bow adds some shine and looks better in real life than in the picture.  I might change that someday, but that was the only ribbon I had kicking around the house.  (I'm the type of crafter who buys things on sale and stashes them away.  So when I'm yearning to create, I have supplies around and don't have to take a trip to town.)

Stamped this with a dollar store alphabet set and then modge podged over it all for protection (it is in the kitchen after all - water fights have happened before!!!).

This picture was the right size so it's doing the job right now, even though it's missing the baby.  In the future, I think a sepia photo would look lovely!

My cute as a button magnets!!!

Lovin it!!!  Lovin it!!!

And when new members join the family through birth or marriage, I'll just write their names in the appropriate spot in black ink and then update the charts on the computer when needed.  And I suppose I could even add anniversaries if I wanted to.

So you want to know what my guy thought about the craft he inspired?
He loves it too!!!