"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Menu Board/Message Board

In searching for ideas for our RS Super Saturday about two years ago, I found a menu board idea at Melanie's Musings that I just had to copy.  It seemed like such a great idea - and it is!!!  And let me tell you, on days that I menu plan and write the meals on the board, life is so much easier!

We colour photocopied the inside page that I made, for ladies at the Super Saturday.  Then they just had to take care of the framing.  On the right is a list of possible menu ideas.  I usually have that in a pocket glued on the back of the frame, and the clothes peg holds my shopping list.

Anyway, I love the Menu Board so much and it's working so well, I decided to make something similar to become our family message board.  I thought it would be very handy to have all the messages in one spot and not be losing little papers with phone messages written on them!  And it is!!!

First item was to find a matching frame - thanks Walmart!  I like the document size frame as it is slightly larger than an 8 x 10.

Then I centered the stickers saying Message Board.  To do this, I marked the center of the glass (see my little black dot) and then worked from the center out to the edges.  And I wrote out the words I was spelling so I wouldn't mess it up!!!

Now, I used to have a burgundy and maple kitchen and this Menu Board matched it wonderfully.  But, in the new house we're building, I'm not going to have any burgundy on the main floor, so I needed to redo the colours of my board.

Pretty cute eh?  By the oven mitt it says Quality Time.  I really feel that supper is an important family bonding time.  I believe that what our children really want for supper is us!

The next task was to design the Message Board to match the Menu Board because they will be side by side in my new house.

This is what I came up with . . .
It says "Family" there on the green paper.

I made five of these little message slots, and the long one across the bottom says "Notes".  The only rule we have is that the message can only be erased by the person who it's for.  And it's so easy to erase - just a swipe of your finger across the glass (or you could use a kleenex!). 

And there's my two boards!  I only attached a dry-erase marker to one of them because they are so close they can share.  But I'll probably add a clothes peg to the Message Board to hold things like birthday party invitations.

It's working great - the family have all learned to look to that one spot for their messages!!!  Wish I'd done this years ago!

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