"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

My Guy Creates

My guy loves to create things too!  Usually you'll find him doing things like this . . .

. . . soffit and fascia, or . . .

. . . building stairs!  I mean, he is building us a whole house right now!!!

But he's also been know to create other things.  He might not want me to tell you that he has done tapestry and cross-stitch.  He's sewn our girls Christmas stockings into actual stockings after I cross-stitched them.  He's built crafts, especially cute little fireplace lamps that we sold in our craft store.  And then there's the furniture, like built in shelves and entertainment centers.  He's a pretty amazing guy!!!

And then on Easter Sunday, he got creative again . . .  

. . . with the pancake batter!

He was creating Easter eggs out of the batter.  I had made a few rabbit heads and then one egg.  After awhile he ordered me to sit and eat.  I thought he was being so sweet and giving me a chance to eat rather than just constantly making the pancakes and waffles to feed our gang.  But no!!!  He wanted a chance to be creative too!!!

So they're not the greatest egg shapes, but we enjoyed eating his creations!!!
That yearning to create is so real sometimes!!!

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