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Service Star

I think Christmas has more traditions for me than the rest of the year put together!!!  Righteous traditions are wonderful and necessary things for our families.  The Service Star is a tradition we start on the first day of December.  We actually have two of these little wooden stars with our Family Motto (another tradition!) printed on it.  One stays on our Nativity Tree (another tradition!) and the other star is put into action.

So we draw names or do rock, paper, scissors etc. to see who will activate the Service Star.  That person has 24 hours to do a service for someone in the house and leave the star at the place where the service happened.  So dad emptied the dishwasher for Carlee and left the star in the dishwasher for Carlee to find when she came to do her morning chore.  Carlee walked the dog for Jordyn and left the star with the leash.  Jordyn found it and made Jenna's bed and left the star on the bed for Jenna to find, and so on, and so on . . .  We added a new twist this year:  if you haven't done a service within the 24 hours, you get to give everyone a backscratch!  Unfortunately, we didn't get any backscratches!!!

This is just a view of some of the ornaments on the Nativity Tree.  In order to be on the Nativity Tree, the ornament must remind us of Christ somehow.  I love this gold one and it's tag that says Keep Christ in your Christmas.

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