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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year was fun!  I didn't have my usual LOVE type crafts (yup, packed!) but you can sure gets lots of fun things at the dollar store - like my guys tie!!!  He assured me he will only wear it on Valentine's Day and never to church, but I think he looks very handsome in it!!!

And this year's special menu is . . .

. . . heart shaped pepperoni on the pizza!!!  I was planning to cut out the pepperoni using scissors, but my brilliant Facebook friends suggested a cookie cutter.  But that presented a problem - yup, mine are packed!!!  I did know where my heart shaped paper punch was, but that may be a little tricky to slide the pepperoni in!!!  Luckily the kitchen still has gramma's stuff in it, and I found the perfect size heart cookie cutter, and it worked like a charm.  Thanks brilliant FB friends!!!   

And this year we had . . .
. . . a Valentine Tree!!!  We repurposed our Christmas tree (because I hadn't taken it down yet - that's gotta be some sort of records!!!).  But my guy had said he liked having it up - made a pretty night light.  Gotta keep my guy happy!!!  Besides, it was small and up high, not in the way at all.  So my Katia and I had fun putting hearts all over it.

Celebrating holidays with fun little traditions - kids sure love it and remember it (especially if there are photos.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the green milk for St.Patrick's Day that greats them every year for breakfast!)

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