"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

A Day of Rest

I look forward to the Sabbath - a day of rest.    While attending Church and fulfilling church callings often makes for a busy Sunday, it is certainly different from the regular routine of what I do each day.

I love to make crafts and create things, and have had a craft business in the past and hope to again.  So crafting for me is "work" and therefore I don't do it on Sunday.  The Sabbath is a day for me to rest from my labours.  So if that crafting bug hits, I'll only do it if it relates to my church calling.

So last Sunday, we had a craft fest of making Primary birthday gifts.
I became the Primary Secretary in January.  These cute little birthday printouts were already planned and I know they came from online somewhere, but I don't know where so I can't link it.  I didn't create them, I'm just assembling them!

Carlee and I in our living room work station.  We were planning to put a "church movie" on from our lovely shelf of appropriate Sunday visual entertainment (there are a ton of great and inexpensive ones from the Distribution Center), but we just chatted instead - always the best thing!

That's a tub of Ring Pops for the children and a bag of Lindor Chocolates for the teachers.

The scripture marking pencils are from the Distribution Center at $0.25 each.
"I Know the Scriptures are True" is the theme for this year.

Stick the pencil through the tag . . . 
(I write the name and date of the birthday person on the back so we know who they belong to.  Then they go in a little mailbox that gets opened during birthday time.)
and then . . .
. . . attach the Ring Pop with ribbon and curl the edges - Primary colours of course!

Teacher ones - glad I'm an adult!!!  Seriously, do you know how hard it is for me to not eat these Lindors while I make them?  I've only had one so far and that was because my baby got ahold of one (that was already attached to the card of course!) and started chewing it without removing the wrapper.  Well, it was damaged now so I had to sacrifice myself and remove the wrapper and eat the damaged chocolate!  The ring pops, however, hold no such temptation!!!

Aren't they great?  I've made 74 so far and that takes us to the end of October and then there will be 14 more after that.  I made a big batch because we are going to be busy finishing up our house (at least enough finished so we can move in) and moving in the summer.  Now they are all being stored in the Primary cupboard and that will be one less thing to think about and move.

So that's how I craft on Sunday, my day of rest.  Or sometimes I work on my Conference Project!  I don't blog on Sunday either, unless it's my family blog because I consider that Family History and keeping records - it's my journal writing with lots of pictures thrown in!
We encourage our children not to do school work on Sunday either.  They are students, so homework and studying is their "work" and they need to "rest from their labours" as well.  I know they have been blessed for their obedience to this commandment, especially during exam time when it is so tempting to study.
No one ever said obedience was easy, but it is always the right thing to do.

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