"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

Future Weddings

Look at these beauties!!!  My seven daughters, ranging in age right now from 19 years to 19 months.  So, someday, we're going to be having quite a few weddings!!!
My thoughts have been turning to weddings lately - probably because it's spring and there have been lots of weddings in our town.  Now, I'm not anticipating any weddings for a few years yet.  And I've informed my girls that I don't want any weddings and graduations in the same year!  They're very obedient girls so I'm sure they will oblige me in this!!!

My thoughts have been along the lines of:  what basic stuff can we buy, make, repurpose that we can use for all the girls weddings.  Of course they will want their own individuality shining through, but I'm talking about things like chair covers and backdrops, lights, tableclothes, tulle, etc. - the bones.  Their colours and flowers and personal preferences will be the skin to cover the bones!!!  And, if I have some things already stashed away, made or purchased over time, it will certainly ease any financial burden at wedding time.

Let me tell you a little story.  We're building a home right now, right, and living in transition.  So, we had things like the quad and motorbike, lawnmower, bikes, etc. that are just a little difficult to store.  My guy had a brilliant idea at the end of last summer.  He was at Walmart and saw that they were selling their display gazebo because it was the end of the season.  He had the fabulous idea to buy the really reduced-in-price gazebo, wrap it in a tarp, and store these things in it on our new property.  And I thought it sounded like a great idea, and then we'd have a nice gazebo after that - we could even use it at weddings!!!  (notice the past tense!)  We forgot how windy the winters can get around here and we basically turned our gazebo into a sail.

This is how it looked this spring . . .

. . . not looking much like a gazebo now!  So much for those wedding thoughts!  See the roof cover at the top of the picture.  Now luckily the mosquito netting was not harmed because I had stored that in the camper over the winter.  So we can use mosquito netting at our weddings!!!   Hmmm, but how?

My wedding thoughts must be rubbing off on the girls because one of them said, "Hey, look at the pretty panels - they're not wrecked.  We can use them somehow at weddings, like in a corner with lights behind it or something."

There's one of four panels - you can't really see the pretty leafy stem design pattern going through it, but it's very nice.  Two of the panels are slightly bent on the outside edge, but that's easy to disguise with tulle or lights.  So maybe we can use the gazebo after all!!!  My guy is under strict instructions not to haul anything off to the dump without my express written consent!!!

Tune back in a few years to see if the broken gazebo actually became wedding material!

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