"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf -

How I Find Time to Blog

People have asked me how I find the time to blog, so let me share a few of my secrets!!!  I usually sit down to blog when my baby wants to be nursed.  It's easy to work the mouse with one hand, and that is usually when I upload my photos or peruse my dashboard.  I prefer to do my typing when I have two hands available as it's so much faster.
My baby is 20 months old now but doesn't show any signs of wanting to quit nursing.  The longest I've nursed a baby was 28 months - I love that bonding, snuggling, and now, blogging time!  So if you want blogging time, get a baby!!!

This picture is typical because Lacie is usually under my feet at the desk when I'm at the computer, and Katia shows up sometimes too.  The computer desk is right at the top of the stairs, beside the bedroom, and just off the front entryway.  I pass by this spot a million times a day, so it's so easy to look and see that I have a new message or something.  And then my curiosity gets the better of me and I have to see what it is.

I love this picture . . . 
. . . see that little finger pointing.  She always loves to see the picture of her family at the beginning of my blog.  She'll often sit up and then we have to go through each person's name as she points to them.

So, I found this book that has been pretty helpful . . . 
. . . LOL!!!  Let's just say I know so much more now, but there is still so much I don't know.  Dare I admit that a few months ago I didn't even know how to copy and paste?  My kids taught me "Press apple C to copy and apple V to paste".  "Wait a minute guys - I don't have an apple on my computer.  It must be the Ctrl key."  And then I forgot for awhile and was trying to press Ctrl P to paste.  "Oh, no mom, that means Print."   "Yeah, thanks guys, I figured that out!"

I also know that "blog" comes from the term weB LOG -  I wondered where that strange word "blog" came from!!! 

Mackenzie wants attention again, and Lacie is still at my feet.
If you want to see what that picture on the screen is about, check it out HERE.
(see, I can even link now!!!) 

Ahh, love the snuggles!!!

I also blog a little at night when the kiddies are settled down for the night.  When I already have the pictures uploaded, it goes quite quickly (nice to be able to type fast!!!). 
Maybe I should mention that I don't watch TV.  We don't have TV.  We do have a TV, but it is only for watching movies - which I might do about once, maybe twice, a week.  I also don't watch anything on the internet or play any online games.  So while other people might spend time doing that kind of thing, I'm either blogging, creating, or reading!!!  And that's how I find the time to blog and still keep up with my family.

And I'm really enjoying this blogging journey I'm on!!!
I am an official MommyBlogger (if you don't know what that means, I'll loan you my book!).


  1. you're right! i totally need a baby! then i'd have more time to blog. way to go Claudelle!

  2. You can borrow my baby anytime you want to blog Lorri!!! That would give me some crafting time!!!