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Planter Makeover

I'm getting better!!!  I'm not killing plants as much as I used to!!!
I inherited this beauty from my mil a few years ago, and I'm doing such a good job with it that it needs a makeover - or at least the pot does!!!
Don't you think the pink pot is perfect with my blue/green/brown decor?  Oh yeah, that plant at the bottom is a fake piece to make it look better.  This plant consisted of two long stems - they've gotten so long they just bend over forwards - which makes it look okay from the front, but not from anywhere else. 

So the first step was to chop off the two tops.  I have them sitting in water because they love to grow roots so they can be replanted again.  Looks better already - kinda like a topiary (but only from this angle!) 
I took a tan craft paint and painted the parts of the pot that would be too difficult to cover - around the crack and inside the pot.  I should have done around the very bottom too.

When I realized that I could actually take the planter apart, that made things so much easier.  Then I started applying fabric to the planter with modge podge.  It was so simple - MP is the best stuff ever!  I smeared some on, then pressed the fabric down.  Katia was most helpful in telling me where I still needed MP.

This is the bottom part I should have painted (planter is upside down right now, so the top is the bottom!)  I did a little clipping so the fabric would lay down nicely around the curved pot.

Then I just started MPing onto the pot some of the squares I had left over from my Table Runner and my Towel Wraps

Around and around I went . . .

Until all the pink was covered.  Then I modge podged on top of all the fabric, just to protect it from fraying.

Ready to see my planter now?

Oh so much cuter!!!

And now the plant at the bottom is actually real!!!  Girls playing ball in the living room broke a chunk off a different plant.  I put it in water and nice new roots grew so now it has a new home.  And maybe the original tall plants will start sending out new sprouts where I chopped them.
So believe me when I say that it looks SO much better without any of that lovely pink shining through!

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